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Top five reasons for cap and dividend

(1) It gets the job done. Cap and dividend ensures we meet climate goals on time. It physically reduces our carbon burning, protects household incomes, and assures popular support for emission reductions for as long as it takes to stop climate change.

(2) It’s simple. Cap and dividend directly affects only a few hundred large companies, and its rules are simple: buy one permit for every ton of carbon you sell. It requires no monitoring of smokestacks and no large government bureaucracy.

(3) It’s fair. Carbon prices are set in open markets, no special interests get favors, and every American gets the same dividend. Plus, how you fare depends on what you do. If you conserve, you gain; if you guzzle, you lose.

(4) It’s progressive. Though dividends are equal, the poor benefit most because dividends are a higher percentage of their income. Middle class families also benefit. In fact, according to a University of Massachusetts study, about 60 percent of Americans come out ahead.

(5) It’s market-based. Cap and dividend lets markets sort out who burns carbon and which technologies replace carbon. Rising carbon prices shift private investment away from fossil fuels and into conservation, efficiency, and clean energy sources like wind and solar. Millions of new private sector jobs are created, and public dollars aren’t wasted on uneconomic boondoggles.


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