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Breaking the Gordian Knot on Climate Legislation

Peter Barnes

, Grist.org

Why Cantwell-Collins Is Best — And How It Just Might Win

Peter Barnes

, Grist

Boyce: How CLEAR Would Boost International Climate Goals

James K. Boyce

, Foreign Policy in Focus

Make carbon cap simple and unsinkable

By Peter Barnes

Dividends or tax shift: which is better?

By Steve Stoft and Dan Kirshner

Why China should cap carbon upstream

By Peter Dorman

How Obama can revive the economy and heal the planet

By Peter Barnes

Beware utilities seeking free pollution permits

By Peter Barnes

Family Income and Climate Security: We Can Have Both

by Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network

, Huffington Post

Cap and no trade

By James Boyce

Testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee

By Peter Barnes

The people, not the government, own the air

By George Lakoff

Global warming 20 years later

By James Hansen

Why not a revenue-neutral cap?

By Peter Barnes

Cap or tax: either way, pay dividends

By Stephen DeCanio

100% dividends or fight! No alligator shoes!

By James Hansen, NASA

How about a cap-and-trade dividend?

By Robert Reich, The Wall Street Journal

British Columbians don't trust their carbon tax

By Peter Barnes

Lieberman-Warner amended but still flawed

By Peter Barnes

A new climate deal?

By John Tierney, The New York Times

Polluters should pay us to use our atmosphere

By Robert Reich, Marketplace

Social Security now sending money via debit card

By Peter Barnes

What the melting arctic really means

By Peter Barnes

Fixing climate change without soaking the middle class

By Peter Barnes

McCain's gas-tax holiday plan is at odds with his new climate strategy

By Lee Wasserman, Rockefeller Family Fund

No love for tax

By Bill Tieleman

The most politically practical way to slash greenhouse emissions

By Jonathan Alter, Newsweek

Why not spend the carbon auction revenue rather than give it back?

By John Bailey, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Since we all own the atmosphere in common, companies that pay for the right to emit should pay everyone.

By Marc Gunther, Fortune

National climate policy needs to be a full-throated roar of solutions, not a soft whimper of palliatives

By KC Golden, Seattle Tiimes

Under any system that puts a price on carbon, energy bills are going to go up.

By David Roberts, Grist.org

It's our atmosphere, right?

By Robert Reich, Marketplace

Climate dividends create a powerful incentive to be even more energy efficient.

By John Carey, BusinessWeek

Cap & dividend can offset some of the unfairness of climate change itself.

By Alan Durning, Sightline

We all own the sky equally, and therefore ought to be equal beneficiaries of any system designed to protect it.

By Stacy Feldman, SolveClimate.com

With either a tax or cap, the price charged for carbon will be passed down the supply chain to consumers.

By Gar Lipow, Grist.org

Cap & dividend takes full advantage of markets while increasing the wealth of ordinary Americans.

By Marcellus Andrews, Barnard College

One last chance to save the planet

By Peter Barnes

The zero carb greenhouse diet

By Peter Barnes

America’s climate solution must be effective and fair

By Peter Barnes

Who will pay for climate stability?

By Peter Barnes

The right way to cap carbon

By Peter Barnes

The politics of climate change

By Peter Barnes


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