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Climate Solutions by Peter Barnes

Order the new book explaining which climate solutions work, which don't, and why. $6.96 at Powell’s.

Carbon Capping: A Citizen's Guide

Explains the differences between cap and trade, cap and auction, and cap and dividend.

Cap and Dividend, How to Curb Global Warming while Protecting the Incomes of American Families

By James Boyce and Matthew Riddle of the University of Massachusetts.

Robert Repetto: Choosing the Right Architecture

“Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions should be brought about through an upstream cap-and-trade system.”

Peter Orszag, Congressional Budget Office

“Higher prices for energy will impose a larger burden, relative to income, on low-income households.”

Earth Atmospheric Trust

“Set up a global cap for greenhouse gas emissions… Return a fraction of the revenues to everyone on earth on a per capita basis.”

Carbon Tax Center

“Rebate the revenues directly through regular equal dividends to all U.S. residents.”

Cap and Share (Ireland, UK)

“Equal rights for all to the atmospheric commons.”

Presidential Climate Action Plan

“The President should issue a declaration that…all people hold common ownership of the atmosphere in equal shares. Each American would benefit…in the form of…a dividend.”

Jörg Hass and Peter Barnes

“The European Emissions Trading System should be transformed into a sky trust.”

Think Tank or In the Tank

climate bill analysis from The Breakthrough Institute

Susan Collins on The CLEAR Act

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) tells why she supports cap and dividend (video)


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